Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

  • 5 Ways To Fight Halitosis

    Unfortunately, bad breath is something everyone deals with, whether it's stale morning breath or garlic-scented after-dinner breath. Nevertheless, there are some people who suffer from chronic halitosis. Their bad breath seems to linger not matter what time of day it is.   Halitosis is caused by volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) that are emitted by oral bacteria. Here are five ways to help lessen or eliminate halitosis: Rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Tips For Helping Your Child To Overcome His Fear Of The Dentist

    If your child is afraid of the dentist and this is causing complications in getting him in the office for cleanings, examinations, and treatment, then you need to take action. Take a few moments to review the following tips that should help your child overcome his fear of the dentist. Role Play As The Dentist And Patient By taking some time to role play with your child, you will help him become more comfortable with not only the idea of the dentist but the cleanings and inspection of his teeth.

  • What To Do If Your Braces Break

    Braces are made to stay in place over the course of several months, but they aren't impervious to damage. The network of delicate wires and carefully placed brackets can break. Usually this isn't a big deal and your orthodontist can get the braces fixed at your earliest convenience, while at other times a break may actually necessitate an emergency visit. The following guide can help you decide the best course of action if you suffer a break.

  • Answers About Braces When Your Child Needs Them

    If you have recently discovered that your child needs braces, you will likely have a lot of questions about what you and your child can expect. This article will cover a lot of the questions parents tend to have upon learning their child needs braces, as well as answers to those questions. By reading this information, you will know what to expect and can explain things to your child. What will happen during the appointment?

  • 3 Myths About Sedation Dentistry That Could Be Keeping You From Seeking The Dental Procedure You Need

    If you have not been to the dentist at all for quite a while or have had check-ups, but are putting off more intensive procedures you need due to fear or anxiety, then sedation dentistry can help you immensely. However, you may have heard myths or just general fears about how sedation dentistry works that make you also fear. Read on to find out the truth about misconceptions and myths surrounding sedation dentistry and what you can really expect.

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    Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

    I was very unhappy with the way that my front teeth looked. They were crooked and stained with an ugly yellow tint. I asked my dentist if there was anything that could be done to improve them. After discussing the options with my dentist, I decided to have crowns put on my front teeth. The procedure was painless and I wish that I had done it sooner. My name is Constance Graham and I am writing this blog to inform others about cosmetic dentistry. If you don’t like the way your teeth look, speak to your dentist about improving your smile. There are various cosmetic procedures that you can have done such as veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, and dental implants. I hope you use the information in this blog to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and how it can help you.