Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Symptoms That Should Prompt You To See An Emergency Dentist Immediately

by Christy Long

Dental problems are commonplace among adults. From cavities to unexplained toothaches, developing these symptoms over the years and choosing to self-medicate has probably given you the idea that you only need to see a dentist as a last resort. But this is a dangerous mentality. Dental issues should never be taken lightly, as they can harm your overall health and wellbeing.

Untreated issues such as gum disease will not only lead to tooth loss but can also contribute to heart disease and other ailments. Thus, to ensure you are not putting your health at risk of long-term damage, you must know the signs indicating the need to see a dentist right away. Keep reading for a couple of symptoms that should prompt you to see an emergency dentist immediately.

The onset of pus

You should never have any pus in your mouth. The moment you notice this secretion collecting in the soft tissue in your mouth, whether it's coming from your gums or inner cheeks, you should be concerned about an undiagnosed infection. You may have developed a tooth abscess that has steadily worsened over time to the point that it ruptures and starts to ooze pus. If the abscess is not thoroughly drained by a dentist, there is an increased threat of the infection spreading to your neck, head, and your jaw.

Take note — the more the infection spreads, the higher the risk of sepsis, which is life-threatening. When you visit a dentist to have the pus drained, they will identify the source of the abscess, and if it stems from a jeopardized tooth, root canal therapy coupled with a course of antibiotics will be the best way forward.

Numbness in one or more teeth

When you think of visiting an emergency dentist, you likely assume that this is only necessary when you are in extreme pain. Certainly, incessant pain that detracts from your quality of life will have to be addressed by a dentist. However, you should also know that a lack of pain could be just as critical. While your teeth should not be causing you discomfort, you should be capable of experiencing sensations through them, such as temperature changes, pressure, and more.

When one or more of your teeth become numb, it could mean that they are at risk of dying. Numbness will usually crop up when a tooth is exposed to excessive force to the point that it cracks and exposes the nerve endings. If the nerve endings are no longer receptive, the tooth is incapable of absorbing nutrients and oxygen, so it is imperative to see a dentist if you are to salvage it.


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Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

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