Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

How Regular Swimming Can Affect Your Child's Teeth

by Christy Long

Some children might be reluctant to play sports, so parents might think themselves lucky when their kid actually falls in love with a specific sport. The physical benefits of swimming are undeniable, and it's one of the sports that provides the best overall exercise. But it's not so kind to every part of the human body. If your kids regularly swim, their teeth might be at risk of discoloration.

Tooth Discoloration

One study has found that children who swim on a regular basis are more likely to experience tooth discoloration. This does not mean that your child's teeth are in danger each time they get into the pool, and the study found that it was children who swim competitively at least six times a week who are most at risk. The exact reason for the discoloration has not yet been determined, although it's thought to be related to the level of chlorine in the pool and the water's subsequent pH balance.

Teeth Whitening

Tackling the issue is not about restricting how much your child swims, nor is it about bleaching their teeth. At-home teeth whitening might seem like the logical solution, but a number of dentists advise against whitening children's teeth, suggesting that the process should be delayed until a child has all their permanent teeth. Deciduous (baby teeth) are coated in a layer of dental enamel that's thinner than the enamel around adult teeth. The corrosive elements of the whitening agent could conceivably damage this thinner enamel.

Reversing Discoloration

Any discoloration traced back to swimming pool water can be noticeable, but it won't be all that extreme, so it's not as though your child will develop yellow teeth similar to a middle-aged smoker. The issue is entirely cosmetic, and your child's dentist is able to help. During their regular checkups, your child's dentist will perform a professional cleaning, which can be very efficient at removing surface stains. Additionally, your dentist can recommend a whitening aid for use at home, and this might be a whitening toothpaste, or they might suggest that your child periodically brushes with baking soda. These methods can help to whiten teeth without being as corrosive as many whitening kits.

Children who competitively swim may experience discolored teeth, but the issue can be kept at bay with regular visits to the dentist, along with any whitening aids your family dentist thinks will be appropriate for your child. Reach out to a dentist to learn more. 


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