Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Why You Can't Ignore A Tooth Cavity

by Christy Long

If you believe that you have a cavity in your tooth, or possibly in several teeth, it is very important to make sure that you are making an appointment with your trusted dentist as soon as possible. Too many people make the mistake of assuming that cavities are not all that serious or that as long as they are not in pain, they do not need dental help. Keep reading to learn why that is never a good idea and why you need to make sure that your tooth cavity is not ignored.

The Infection Can Spread

The more the infection spreads, the longer it can take to clear it out of your system. You may need very strong antibiotics to get rid of the infection before the dentist even starts drilling into your tooth, just to make sure that you are medically okay. Also, if the infection stays within your system for too long and spreads too far, it can end up in your blood supply, which could lead to serious medical problems or even to death.

You Could Lose Your Tooth

You could start off with just a small cavity with a mild infection, but if the cavity is not fixed promptly, it can get bigger quick. The large the cavity gets, the larger the area is that the dentist will have to drill in to clean up the tooth in order to prepare it for a filling. If the size of the hole has to be too large, you might find that you do not have much of a tooth left. This can make it hard for any filling that is put in to last for very long. Each time it falls out, the dentist might have to drill a little more. Eventually, it could get to the point where the dentist simply needs to extract the tooth because there isn't much left. To avoid that, you will want to have your cavity dealt with as soon as possible.

When you do call to make your appointment, you will want to make sure that you are explaining to the receptionist that you have one or more cavities that are giving you trouble. This way, they will know that you need schedule a time slot that will allow for enough time to have work done to your tooth, as this is not just a random checkup that you are going in for.

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Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

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