Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Maintaining Your Dentures

by Christy Long

Dentures can improve your quality of life dramatically. The devices are often prescribed when a patient no longer has any teeth in a palate.

Thus, prior to receiving their appliance, many denture patients were unable to enjoy a wide variety of foods. Consequently, they may not have been receiving the nutrients required by their body. In addition, they may have been uncomfortable with their appearance.

Dentures are designed to look and perform like natural teeth. The false teeth are sized and shaped to fit the patient's mouth. Due to the customization of the dentures to the specific contours of the individual's oral cavity, a denture can be held in place by the simple suction produced as the appliance is put into place.

Still, denture adhesive is available to provide a stronger hold in the mouth. Additionally, dentures can be secured in the mouth by a connection to dental implants. 

If you are planning to receive dentures, you may be unsure of the type of upkeep that your new appliance will require. Here are a few measures you can take to protect and preserve your dentures.

Rinse in Cool Water Only

After eating, you can remove your dentures and rinse them to remove any debris. You may be tempted to use hot or extremely warm water for this light cleaning. However, dentures often contain multiple plastic components that can become warped or disfigured by heat. Thus, it is best to only rinse them in cool water. 

Rinse Your Dentures After Consuming Dark Drinks or Foods

Just as foods and drinks with deep pigments can discolor the enamel of your natural teeth, they can stain a denture. To keep your dentures looking as white as possible, be sure to rinse them immediately after you consume darkly colored beverages and foods to prevent discoloration. The longer the pigments or colorants in the foods and drinks are allowed to remain on a denture, the greater the degree of staining. 

Always Store Your Dentures in a Cleaning Solution

A denture should be stored in water or a denture-cleaning solution. The appliance can dry out without adequate moisture, causing your denture to become brittle.

You should receive a storage container for your denture. However, if one is not available at the time of storage, a cup or bowl.should suffice. Be sure to cover the entire appliance in the storage solution.

For more information about maintaining your dentures, schedule a consultation with a dentist in your local area.


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