Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Past And Future Research Reveals Interesting Insights About Root Canals

by Christy Long

The nagging ache in a tooth may become the new normal to the sufferer and is acceptable until the ache shifts one day to a sharp pain. As the condition continues to be ignored, the pain and related unseen infection continue to get worse until decay reaches the pulp. Ignoring the pain and the problem is impossible at this point. At this point, a root canal may be the only option before the extraction of the tooth is unavoidable. This is not a pleasant realization. Dental patients are not exactly enthusiastic about undergoing a root canal. New research and old research may bring forth some positive news for those who are concerned about a root canal procedure.

Research and Pulp Regeneration

Infected pulp is, essentially, dead pulp. Removing the pulp via a root canal is done to save the tooth, even though the tooth is no longer living. An incredible study performed at Tufts University reveals a collagen-based biomaterial used to deliver stem cells may potentially regenerate pulp. With new pulp, the tooth becomes less susceptible to cracking. Hence, the root canal is avoided and the long-term condition of the tooth ends up preserved. While this option is not available at present in dental clinics, the news should give some hope for the future for root canal worriers.

What about older research? Has it revealed any options for would-be patients? Yes, some good preventive steps have been discovered. Those who are worried about the condition of their dental health such as people with a family history of dental problems should take steps to care for their teeth -- and pulp -- to avoid a root canal treatment.

The Diet Option

Some very old dental research would be of great interest to those fearful of root canals and other dental problems. The early research suggests a diet high in minerals and vitamins A, D, E and K and low in phytic acid can potentially reverse tooth decay. A good diet does a lot to keep teeth in healthy condition. No, a diet cannot heal severe problems with the teeth but a dental-targeted diet supporting dental hygiene is going to be beneficial. Anyone worried about invasive dental procedures should explore all preventive steps possible.

Research Warnings

Certain aspects of dental research benefit the patient by putting forth a dire and serious warning. Ignoring the problem associated with a root canal is never a good plan since the problem could spread and get worse. Untreated gum and pulp infections can bring forth the dangerous condition of sepsis (blood poisoning) which is an incredibly serious condition. Learning about the disasters that can happen when avoiding a dental visit might lead to making an appointment right away.

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Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

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