Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Answers To Three Common Questions Concerning Dental Abscesses

by Christy Long

Dental issues can be one of the more unpleasant aspects of life that you will have to address. Unfortunately, you may not be very informed about the variety of health issues that your mouth may experience. In particular, dental abscesses can be an issue that you may not have much experience addressing. When this is the case, you will likely benefit from having the following questions about dental abscesses answered.

What Are The Warning Signs Of An Abscess?

There can be a number of warning signs that your mouth is developing a dental abscess. One of the primary signs of this problem develop will be the formation of a swollen pocket in the gum tissue. In addition to this swelling, you may also experience an intense pain in your gums that will radiate into the jaw. Lastly, you may notice that you are getting a discharge of foul-tasting fluid from this swollen area.

How Is An Abscess Treated?

The type of treatment that is used to address the abscess will vary based on the severity of the abscess. An abscess is essential a severe localized infection. As such a common treatment will entail surgically cutting out the infected tissue. If the abscess is occurring at the base of a tooth, it may be necessary to undergo a root canal to remove the infection from the interior of the tooth. Lastly, you will likely be prescribed antibiotics and a sanitizing mouthwash to help your body fight the remnants of the infection.

What Happens If You Fail To Have An Abscess Treated?

Sadly, there are some individuals that will make the mistake of failing to have their abscess treated in a timely fashion. When this mistake is made, you may find yourself suffering from some potentially serious health problems. As an example, the bacteria that is causing the abscess can get into your bloodstream. If this occurs, the infection can quickly spread throughout your body. Also, it is possible for you to suffer extensive damage to your gum tissue, teeth and jaw bone as a result on an untreated abscess due to the fact that it will gradually worsen and spread.

Understanding and appreciating the unique health risks that can be posed by a dental abscess is critical for protecting your health and the appearance of your smile. Knowing the early warning signs of an abscess, the treatments available and the consequences of failing to have this condition treated will help you to be a far better informed dental patient. 


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