Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Post-Op Care For Those With Dental Implants

by Christy Long

Post-op dental care can help ensure a successful dental implant surgery. Patience and special dental care practices are necessary for patients to completely recover from the implant procedure and adjust to their new teeth. 

Patients getting dental implants should be aware of the following post-op care practices:

Taking an antibiotic

Antibiotic prescriptions are typically given after dental implant surgery. This medication should be taken as prescribed to prevent infection from causing complications. 

Establishing an oral rinse routine

In addition to an antibiotic, an oral rinse should also be used after surgery to disinfect the implant site. A dentist will often provide a prescription oral rinse and instruct the patient regarding how often it should be used. Dentists also often recommend occasionally rinsing with warm water and salt to further disinfect the mouth. 

Stocking up on gauze pads

Patients typically will bleed after surgery. Gauze pads provide a convenient means of cleaning up blood. While some bleeding after surgery is normal, bleeding that persists could indicate complications. 

Coping with pain

Painkillers can help patients to deal with the pain and discomfort that is sometimes experienced after implant surgery. In addition to prescribing painkillers, dentists will also typically recommend applying ice to tender areas to help dull the pain.  


After dental implant surgery, patients should avoid strenuous activity for a few days. This means that it might be necessary for many patients to plan their surgery around their work schedule. Those whose jobs entail strenuous activity shouldn't go back to work immediately after the procedure.

It's also a good idea for patients to sleep in a recliner for a few nights following implant surgery. Sleeping this way keeps the head elevated during the night so that swelling and bleeding can be minimized.

Eating and drinking

Patients should temporarily restrict their diets after surgery. Many patients only find it comfortable to eat soft foods like jello, soup, and pudding until they have recovered.

In addition to making dietary alterations, drinking a lot of water or citrus juices after surgery is important. Staying hydrated helps the body recover more rapidly from surgery.

Being patient

The body needs to adjust to new implants. For weeks after dental implant surgery, the jaw bone grows in around the implants. This can cause several weeks of discomfort after implants are put in. Over the counter painkillers can be taken after a patient's post-op painkiller prescription runs out. You can find more information on websites like


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