Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Sparkling Smile: Tooth-Staining Foods Vs Tooth-Whitening Foods

by Christy Long

After a lovely night out you do not want to come back home and see that your teeth are stained. The following are a few foods that can help keep your teeth as white as they should be. But you should also know what to avoid to prevent staining.

Stay Away From Tooth-Staining Foods

Acidic foods are a danger to your teeth. The reason that they promote staining is because the acidic content of the food or drink will eat away your enamel. And your enamel is the first line of defense that your teeth have against stains, as your dentist has probably told you. Stains that penetrate your enamel may only be removed by your dentist. You should stay away from colas, undiluted vinegar and other acidic foods. ​

You should also stay away from foods that contain certain ingredients. Foods with the following should be avoided:

  • Tannins
  • Acidic ingredients
  • And food coloring

Food coloring is easy to spot on the food label. Or, you can simply look at the food you are thinking of eating to see if the color is too strong. Candy, for one, usually contains a lot of food coloring. You should also avoid blackberries or blueberries when you are out. 

You should also stay away from foods that contain tannin. Wine and tea are just some of the foods that contain tannin. The reason tannin will stain your teeth is because it is a very reactive acid. The proteins that make up your enamel will activate tannins, making it easier to adhere to your teeth. And tannin has a brown or yellow-like color that might take away your porcelain smile.

As you can see, keeping your teeth safe from stains requires a little knowledge and control. 

Foods That Will Make Your Teeth Shine

There are foods that promote a whiter smile, just like there are foods that stain your teeth. You should look for the following to help whiten your teeth:

  • Foods that are crunchy
  • Contain malic acid
  • And foods with a high pH level

Foods with a high pH level will help your teeth fight off any acidic compounds. And, as mentioned earlier, acidic foods or bacteria are the reason your teeth become susceptible to deep stains. You should consider cheese, and remember that older cheese has a higher pH level. 

Malic acid is a bit of a buffer. The reason you want malic acid is because it helps dissolve the bio-adhesive tissue that connects stains and bacteria to your teeth. You can find malic acid in a crunchy apple. And, speaking about crunchy apples, the reason you want crunchy foods is because they will scrape your teeth of any stains. So consider nuts or just an apple when you are out.

Remember to check yourself in the mirror before you talk or smile, too. And talk to your family dentist about any stubborn stains that you may notice because it may have penetrated your enamel at that point. 


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Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

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